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Are there any other scholarships out there that I can qualify for?

Are you looking for other ways to cover the cost of tuition? Are you left handed? Are you above average height? Can you do a good duck call? These are just a few of some of the scholarships you can apply for and use towards your college tuition.

There are, literally, thousands of different scholarships available just sitting out there waiting to be awarded to someone. The sad news? Some people have never even heard of them, and quite often there aren’t that many people that apply for them. There have been many instances where only one person applied for a specific scholarship and was awarded the entire amount because they were the only ones that took the time to apply.

Applying for scholarships can be a tedious process. It takes a lot of time and patience, but the reward is worth it. When looking into scholarships, try to stay away from just “googling scholarships.” More often than not, it’s overwhelming to have to go through several different websites only to find the same scholarships that you’ve already applied for.

There is a way to look up available scholarships and qualifications easily by creating an account with Fastweb. Fastweb makes it easy by having you create your individual account and searching for scholarships that you could qualify for. Apply for one or all of them, there is no limit. Every little bit helps! Get out there and claim those scholarships to lighten that tuition assistance a little bit more.