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Did you know that as a student, you may be eligible for Student Auto Insurance Discounts?

You might be wondering why or how this may be. Well, statistics show that students who get good grades are less likely to get into a car accident. Car insurance companies view them as lower risk and, and in turn, often offer discounts for student automobile insurance as reward for the effort being put into school as well as an incentive to continue to do well. These “good student” auto insurance discounts can be up to 20 percent! The money saved from having a student Auto Insurance Discount may very well be used for those things that students find useful, helpful and even fun. Such things can range from text books, school supplies, or maybe that much needed laptop.

If you are unsure of where to start, speak to your current Auto Insurance provider or local agent to learn of what student car insurance discounts may be available. Know that the exact amount that may be deducted from a student’s car insurance varies with different Insurance companies.

So as you would do in school, do your “Homework” on other auto Insurance providers to see if there may be an even better discounted rate for student auto insurance available.

As you began to search for student auto insurance, be aware of a few things that can have an additional impact on your rate as a college student and help boost the student Auto Insurance Discount. For starters, having a safe driving record can equal a sizable auto insurance discount. That means no speeding tickets, accidents or other traffic related problems. Taking a Defensive Driving class can of course minimize that one traffic citation you may have, but it can also increase the Student Auto Insurance Discount. Not everyone that plans to go to college plans to stay local, so in that case, it would be beneficial to look into the Resident Student Auto Insurance Discount. This is where the student is 100 miles or more away from home and leaves their vehicle at home with family. This can reduce auto insurance rates by 20 percent while still being covered at home on breaks or if borrowing a vehicle.

Going to school can at first glance seem like a daunting task and intimidating when looking at the cost associated with it. It is good to know like with some investments, it can start to pay off early. Knowledge is gained, and with a little research, money saved. Finding savings with student auto insurance is not just helpful; it’s the Smart thing to do.